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This week, we’ve focused solely on Facebook in our curated social media news round-up since a) there were three important updates announced from the social platform and b) we know many of our clients prioritize this channel to disseminate their brand messages.

Just when you think you have Facebook mastered, the social media channel turns things on its head and you have to adjust your strategy. Those who are humble, constantly inquisitive and persistently searching for the next best Facebook post are (often times) the community managers who have the strongest fan base.

New Facebook Functionality

CNET: And, action! Facebook brings video to Instagram
The most exciting news coming out of this week is that Facebook-owned Instagram is adding video to its platform, bringing a whole new element to its popular visually focused social networking tool. This functionality is available immediately to iOS and Android users who will see a movie camera icon that they can tap to enter video mode and take up to 15 seconds of video on Instagram. There’s even an automatic enhancer that can help make your videos look more professional.

The Verge: Facebook adding ability to post images in comments
Online brand managers, take note! Facebook is now allowing users to reply to posts with a picture in their comment (a new camera button gives the option to upload an image from your computer). The new functionality does not allow for animated GIFs, but it does mean a potential increase in both good (and bad) content making its way on to your brand’s channel.

Tech Crunch: Facebook Redesigns Page Insights To Give Businesses Clearer, More Actionable Data
Not since October of 2011 has Facebook updated its analytics tool called Page Insights. The new redesign now includes the ability to see how individual Facebook posts perform within a single analytical scorecard – making it easier to find all of the data in one place. If you haven’t been using Page Insights, now is the time to make it a necessary step in your social media process.

Facebook Case Study

New York Times: For Olivari Olive Oil, a Campaign About ‘Little Things’
The best social media campaigns are often based on incredibly simple concepts that offer fans something (anything!) they can’t find elsewhere. Take Olivari Olive Oil, a company that launched a yearlong Facebook program called, “One year of little.” In essence, the brand is courting potential fans by offering them “small gifts” throughout the year to earn their friendship. Olivari understands you have to earn fans on Facebook, not expect them.

Facebook Infographic

Marketing Pilgrim: Infographic: Updated Master List of Social Media Image Sizes and Tips
It’s impossible to keep up with all of the changes constantly occurring across social platforms (as evidenced by the two latest Facebook updates we’ve referenced above). This infographic is up-to-date on all of the image size boundaries of the various social media outlets, making it the perfect cheat sheet to print and post next to your laptop so it’s there the next time you need to upload content.

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