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Everyone wants to attract and maintain high-quality Facebook fans. And who doesn’t check their “Your Tweets, Retweeted” Hootsuite feed multiple times a week (or multiple times a day – don’t lie) to see who may have retweeted you? Read on to learn more about why people become Facebook fans in the first place (according to a new study), and tips for increasing your chances to score that coveted retweet.

Also not to be missed this week—articles about making the most of online influencers, local search enhancements from Google and a great mobile case study from Holiday Inn Express.


Mashable: Why People Become Facebook Fans
A recent survey found that people “like” brands on Facebook first and foremost because they like them in real life too. Hoping for discounts and coupons was still a very close second but the findings underline the importance of creating content for current and potential fans that is inspiring, on-message, helpful and so on. Not everyone is in it for the next quick promotion.

PRDaily: Can you Find Real Online Influencers?
We execute numerous influencer campaigns on behalf of clients and agree with several points in this piece. Influencer relations is a long-term strategy and outreach can backfire if you approach it like a social media popularity contest. The best influencers have relevant reach to a brand’s product or service, not necessarily the highest Klout score—though rankings are important to ensure influencers’ audiences are indeed impactful. Don’t miss this read if you currently have or are considering an online influencer program.


PRDaily: The Art of Getting Retweets
Your content still has to be relevant, but patterns do exist for what attracts more retweet action on Twitter than not. We are loving this infographic breakdown of “The Art of the Retweet,” which gives key takeaways for tweet length, hashtag use, time of day and more.

Search Google Officially Launches Knowledge Graph Carousel for Local Search
Google “Denver restaurants” or “Austin bars” and your local restaurants/bars/places search results will now include a horizontal gallery at the top of your browser with images and the number of corresponding reviews available on the establishment. It is both a pretty neat update to play around with and a reminder for establishments to regularly track and address customer reviews, which are now even more prominently displayed.

Case Studies

Mobile Commerce Daily: Holiday Inn Express Relies on Mobile to Build Social Media Engagement
It is not rocket science to link the importance of mobile technology with a travel brand. But making a mobile experience engaging and compelling for busy travelers is a whole other story. We love what Holiday Inn Express is doing for the #StaySmart campaign. A mobile-friendly website aggregates user generated content from platforms like Instagram and Vine and combines the content with easy-to-use room booking capabilities and connectivity to other guests.

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