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While mobile video has been available and used on smart phones for a while now, it’s recently catapulted into the mainstream consciousness with the launch of Vine and subsequent launch of Instagram video. With both Twitter and Facebook, the two behemoths behind the media platforms, battling for the space and brands rapidly trying to maximize the medium, expect to see social video continue to proliferate.


Brafton: Vine vs. Instagram, round 2 and revining
Somewhat lost in the big announcement of Instagram video, Vine also recently released a slew of upgrades to the young social application. Revining should drastically increase the number of eyeballs on brands’ videos and will only help the platform grow.


The Verge: Instagram enables photo and video embedding to spread its content across the web
Ever since the removal of the ability to view Instagram images on Twitter, users have been begging for a new way to share their content across the web. With the launch of embeddable images and videos we can expect to see Instagram content much more frequently. The only question left to ask is, “what took them so long?”


SmartBlog on Social Media: 6 tips for producing powerful videos that sell on the small screen
Video is clearly not as forgiving of a medium as photography, and many brands are struggling with the time and skill involved in creating great pieces. This story gives some helpful hints and is a great place to start. The most important thing to remember? Practice, practice, practice.


New York Times: A New Tool Aims to Help Facebook Users Dig Deep
With the full rollout of Facebook’s Graph Search to all American English speaking users of the site, the tool is now available to a huge percentage of the network’s members. Once people begin to use and understand the possibilities, brand content will become even more discoverable than it is now. Check out the story to learn a bit more about how Graph Search works.


Social Media Examiner: How to Grow Your Google+ Engagement
Still wondering whether or not your brand should jump into Google+? For most companies, the answer is, “you should.” The platform isn’t going away and it’s becoming more and more important for search rankings. This article gives some great tips on how to grow your audience.

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