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accGroundFloor Media Crisis Communication Expert Gil Rudawsky co-wrote an eight-page article with Bill Ojile, partner, Armstrong Teasdale, Denver office; former Chief Legal Officer Alta Colleges, on the best way to respond in a media crisis.

The authors say there is a process to adequately responding to a media crisis. A platform for proactive responses to negative press includes: a positive, forward-looking statement about the company; tools for internal constituencies to deal with the fallout from the story; and a direct message to key company stakeholders, such as customers, vendors, regulators or government officials. In those communication networks that you control (rather than the media), you can provide the details necessary to address the situation, contain the damage and get on the road to recovery. for example, create a response website that employees can access, which details the facts of the situation.

Read the entire piece:

Managing the Court of Public Opinion During a Media Crisis

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