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I came across an article recently regarding Office Depot’s latest cause marketing effort – and was truly wowed. This strikes me as an outstanding example of how a company can use the power of its voice and brand to make a real difference in the world. (By way of a quick summary – Office Depot recently launched an anti-bullying campaign with One Direction, “1D + OD Together Against Bullying,” that coincides with the band’s summer concert tour and will continue this fall with educational programs in schools across the country. The company engaged in a similar campaign with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation last year, “OD + BTWF = We Supply Kindness.”)

While you might not automatically connect office supplies with anti-bullying, as the article points out, the relationship actually makes perfect sense. The campaign directly reaches teachers, students and parents – all key consumers for Office Depot and the school supplies it sells. But more than that, it speaks to an issue that transcends market segments and key audiences – tackling a big problem in a big and positive way.

Obviously, Office Depot has the ability to allocate a significant budget to this project – larger, perhaps, than most other companies. However, that doesn’t mean companies of any size can’t make a big difference. The trick is to identify an issue that needs addressing – and then find creative ways to tackle that issue – whether your budget is in the hundreds or millions of dollars.

Kudos to Office Depot on their efforts! I look forward to seeing the impact they have through this effort.

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