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This week GroundFloor Media shares some insights on how LinkedIn is continuing its evolution as a true social media platform, how Foursquare is changing its advertising for small businesses, and who the top 30 CEOs are for social media and why they rank so high. Another important topic that is always debated is when is the best time to post to social media? Which platform should I use and when? It seems that this debate continues and the results may surprise you. Last, executives predict where budgets will increase on social media for 2014. How does this compare to what you are considering as you plan for next year?


The Verge: ‘Sponsored updates’ are coming to your LinkedIn news feed
LinkedIn took the first step towards becoming a true social media platform by making a huge push towards creating more original content and encouraging users to do the same. Now the career-based network plans to take the next step by enabling sponsored updates. Is LinkedIn a platform that could help you reach new customers?


The Verge: Foursquare now lets small businesses pay to rank higher in your search results
The second platform to turn on new social advertising features this week is Foursquare and they’re bringing a new, possibly game changing feature… the ability to pay only when people check-in at your location. Think of the opportunities that come from knowing how many people your advertisements drive through your doors.

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LinkedIn: First Ranking Of Top 30 CEOs On Social Media
An interesting look at one person’s rankings of who the top CEOs are in terms of social media. What makes them tops and how do they rank? Are your brands leaders active on at least one public platform?

Ragan: How to create perfect social media posts
Check out this infographic and learn how you can make better posts across all social platforms. What should you post to Facebook vs. Twitter? What’s the best time of day for social posts? Which platform should you use if you’re including a call to action? While these aren’t specific to your brand or industry, there are some great insights within.

Bulldog Reporter Daily Dog: Social Media Marketing Plans and Budgeting
2014 will be here before you know it and it’s time to begin to plan for 2014 and what you’ll need for your social media budget. This article includes a survey of advertising and marketing executives that asks how much they plan to spend on social media in the next year and beyond.

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