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Sharing has always been at the core of the social media revolution and the past few weeks have brought a number of new ideas to expand on this concept. From “hashtag hookups” to embeddable social images and Tweeting to make a purchase, it’s more important than ever to be thinking about what you’re sharing, who your sharing with and how your organization can rethink the very nature of your “sharing strategy” (and if you don’t have one…now’s the time to start crafting one).


Time Magazine: Introducing The Twitter Hotel
The idea of the hashtag is nothing new, but a hotel themed around Twitter and hashtags…now you’ve peaked our interest! This innovative hotel is placing sharing and the connectivity of its guests at the forefront of the their experience. From the ability to Tweet another guest or even order a drink, this socially driven hashtag experiment isn’t just a novel idea; it’s an inspiring one and should get you thinking about how you are incorporating and branding hashtags at events, meetings and all of your online properties. Just ask Robin Thicke how powerful hashtags can be.


AdAge: Chirpify Lets Social-Media Users Make Purchases by Commenting on a Post
How often have you been perusing Facebook when you see a post from your favorite brand showcasing its latest product and you just have to have it and can’t wait to share it with everyone? Thanks to Chirpify, that just got much easier – which is good news for in-the-moment purchases, not so good news for the ‘ol pocket book. This innovative technology allows users to buy, sell and pay with one public comment on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter allowing you to quickly make a transaction while simultaneously letting everyone know of your great find. Chirpify just received a new round of funding and is poised to make a huge breakthrough. Beyond the obvious ecommerce implications, the folks here at GFM are particularly excited about how this can be used in terms of donations and nonprofits. How could this change your sales or fundraising model?


Tech Crunch: Facebook Enables Embedding Of Public Posts To Seduce Newsmakers, Starts Rollout With Five Websites
The idea of embedding content across platforms has allowed for widespread sharing, commenting and collaborating for years. That said, Facebook has finally decided to join the party. This latest news should have you thinking about what you’re posting and how these features can change your content strategy, how they enhance your social pitching efforts and of course…what this means for privacy of the general consumer.


Mashable: Instagram Introduces Photo and Video Embeds
Along with Facebook, Instagram also announced the ability to embed photos and videos from their platform across the web, allowing for the once mobile-only app to be shared across the multiple channels, vastly increasing its reach. Like Facebook’s embed announcement, this has the largest implications for brands, originations and public figures. With that in mind, not only should you be thinking about how you can now integrate and share your Instagram content across your platforms, but you need to also consider how you are structuring your content strategy to easily allow for third parties (i.e. consumers, media, etc.) to share you content as well.

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