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The battle cry about the length of web content over the past couple of years has been “shorter is better!” and “people want quick updates and nothing more”, but longform content is seeing a renaissance in the digital world. While more and more brands and publishers try to find readers by creating short, timely updates that capitalize on current and projected trends in search, it’s the longform creators and curators (like the stupendous that are finding success with content that begs to be shared, resonates in a timeless way and tells deep, involving stories.


MacRumors: Instagram Updated with Video Imports, Automatic Straightening
Vine and Instragram Video are successful because they tap into already populated visual social networks with content and features that make video easily consumable, and they are (were) unique because they required users to create content within a tight set of constraints. Instagram has made the first step to loosen those constraints with the announcement that video can now be imported, instead of having to shoot in the app. While this could mean big news for brands, odds are we won’t see as many masterpieces unique to social video like this one.


YouTube Creator Blog: Investing in You: More Tools to Build your Channels
YouTube has announced a ton of new features that give you the tools to help drive more engagement with your audience and help to position the channel as more of a two-way channel for communication. From live streaming once a channel has 100 subscribers, to “series” functionality for playlists and annotations to link to external websites, access to these functionalities demand that you make your YouTube strategy a priority.


The Verge: A New Tool Aims to Help Facebook Users Dig Deep
Initial tests have shown users are eight percent more likely to engage with a brand or publisher’s post thanks to the new updates to the Facebook Newsfeed that are designed to show you older stories you haven’t read yet if the platform believes they will be interesting to you. Even more reason to develop engaging content your customers want to digest and interact with.


The Next Web: Google Maps for Android and iOS Now Shows ‘Relevant’ Ads at the Bottom of the Screen After you Perform a Search
By now, those of us who use Google Maps on our smart phones are used to seeing our relevant search results appear in order of the closest to our current location, but that will soon change with the addition of “relevant ads” to the Android and Apple iOS applications. Talk about a great way to reach customers with intent to purchase…

TechCrunch: Google Search Starts Highlighting In-Depth Articles On Search Results Pages
Need another reason to create rich, longform content for your brand? Changes to Google Search now highlight in-depth articles within their own special section in the main search results column, giving your story an even greater chance of being seen by a larger audience.


Business Insider: Showrooming Killer? Pinterest Drives ‘Reverse Showrooming’ At Bricks-And-Mortar Retailers
Studies continue to show that Pinterest has a direct correlation to real world sales and helps to influence purchase decisions. Take a look at your brand’s presence on the platform and ask yourself, is our brand doing everything it can to create an effective “virtual showroom” that will drive customers into our brick and mortar (or e-commerce) locations?

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