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A day at GroundFloor MediaI’m not off cloud nine yet, but I do want to take a minute to reflect on GroundFloor Media’s recent honor of being named the best place to work in the United States by Outside magazine while the joy and appreciation are fresh in my mind. Many friends and colleagues have asked how we achieved this, wanting to emulate “it” in their own work environments. I tried to break “it” down into three key things…

1. You have to apply to win. If your company or a team member is doing something worth recognizing, find a relevant award and apply for it. It may sound like I’m oversimplifying things, but – like most things in life – you can’t win if you don’t play!

2. Don’t take yourself (or your work) too seriously. Yes, there are brain surgeons and rocket scientists, but they are few and far between. Most people I know do a much better job when they’re having fun. As my yoga teacher says, “If you can’t laugh while you’re doing this, you’re either trying too hard or taking yourself too seriously!

3. Surround yourself with great people and trust them. When our team members need to “show up,” they’re there. But sometimes it’s more productive to write a press release from the carpool line or take a conference call from the chair lift. Just ask some of our clients. They will tell you that it is refreshing that they can be “real” with us and let us know when life is happening in the middle of their work day. We get it. As long as the work is getting done – and getting done well – it truly doesn’t matter where that takes place.

At the end of the day, it’s about what we call a “work-life blend.” Balance is nearly impossible to achieve, but by blending work and personal lives, we can accomplish a lot and feel fulfilled in both lives. So don’t be surprised if one of our office dogs greets you at the door, one of our team members is reviewing emails from the treadmill, or there’s the faint sound of a baby crying during a conference call (on our side or from a client’s house). Yet, have no fear, excellent work will get done – and will get done with a smile and some lasting friendships among our team members and our client partners!

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