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Who doesn’t love a new social media feature that makes our lives easier, or at least easier to share? There were a lot of announcements this week related to enhancements of Facebook, Twitter and even our old friend Flickr. We’re particularly excited about Facebook’s shared photo albums and the New York Times continuing to innovate with highlighted sentences for Twitter. And for some intelligent reading over the holiday weekend, be sure to check out Fast Company’s list of smart and influential women on Twitter.


Facebook for Business: It’s Now Easier to Administer Promotions on Facebook
Not that everyone has been abiding to the previous rules on Facebook…but the social platform giant announced this week that its now acceptable to administer promotions and giveaways based on comments and likes on your Facebook brand page. “Like or comment on this photo to be entered to win” is okay, but they still aren’t keen on having people tag themselves on a product photo for a “chance to win.”

The Verge: Facebook Introduces Shared Photo Albums
We’ve all been there: you go to a concert, event, ski weekend or similar with a group of friends and when you get back you want to share, and tag, all of your friends in your photos – and you’d like to be tagged in their photos as well (as long as they’re not incriminating in any way). Facebook has your solution with shared photo albums. Up to 50 people can add up to 200 photos to any one album. What excites us about this new offering is the ability for brands to include their community in the creation of event albums.


TechCrunch: Flickr Sharpens its iOS App
In an effort to keep up with the photo-happy times we live in, Flickr has upgraded its iOS app to include photo filters, as well as dropped some of the fees associated with its “pro features.” While we’re not huge fans of having another social platform for posting our photos, we’ve always been fans of Flickr’s storage and organization functionalities for those photos that we will want to be able to access online forever.


Mashable: Tweet Highlighted Sentences from Articles
The New York Times is testing a feature on Twitter that allows users to click on a highlighted sentence from a story and tweet it out directly, rather than tweeting the headline. Referring to them as “editorialized tweets,” we like the idea of news outlets (and potentially blogs?) offering one-click tweets that fit within character limits to promote the sharing of news – as long as it doesn’t include the word “twerk.”

Fast Company: 25 of The Smartest Women on Twitter
As a woman-owned business, we’ve got a ton of respect for those women who are out there getting it done in the creative industry and beyond. Fast Company put together this list of women on Twitter who you should probably be following. You’ll be smarter for it. Who would you add to this list?

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