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“Content marketing” is certainly a hot phrase these days in the marketing world. More than that, it’s an increasingly popular tool in the marketing toolbox. This infographic from Ragan’s PR Daily helps break down exactly what content marketing is, who is using it and how, and how much of their budget companies are spending on it.ContentMktg

One of the most interesting aspects of the infographic for me was the analysis of the biggest challenges facing content marketers. While 36 percent of respondents said “producing engaging content,” making it the top answer in that category, I was surprised that the percentage wasn’t actually higher.

Because producing truly engaging content is indeed challenging. Especially if you adhere to the Content Marketing Institute’s assertion that “Good content marketing makes a person stop…read… think… behave… differently.” That’s a tall order in our noisy world.

However, if you can achieve it – and do so on an ongoing basis – you can achieve marketing gold in the form of intelligent and loyal customers.

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