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This week’s top reads revealed a common theme: growth. From the number of people using social media – up 800 percent in just eight years – to the opportunity to grow your SEO ranking by simply leveraging a few new options from Google+, it’s clear that social media and its savvy users are on the rise. Still wondering if social media is for you? This week’s collection of articles might sway you. (Hint – if you’re a retailer, definitely check out this article from The Guardian.)

Social Media Trends

Forbes: Social Media Usage Up 800% For US Online Adults in Just 8 Years
New data from Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project reveals that since 2005 the number of U.S. adults using social media sites has risen from eight to 72 percent. The article examines this and other statistics and concludes that social media is, indeed, NOT a fad – rather here to stay and an important tool for marketers. Great trend read!

Pew Research Center: It’s a Woman’s (Social Media) World
Historically, women have been avid users of social media, and another take on the research listed above confirms that women still lead the pack when it comes to social media usage. Among Internet users, women are more likely than men to use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, while a basically equal split of men and women use Twitter and Tumblr.


The Verge: You Can Now Embed Google+ Posts Anywhere, Just Like Facebook and Twitter
Google+ recently announced two major updates: embeddable posts and expanded attribution in Google search. The first feature allows Google+ posts to be embedded via outside pages like Twitter and Facebook. The second is a big boost for SEO, linking search results to an author’s Google+ page. Both moves aim to make the Google experience more seamless across platforms.


Reputation Capital: How to Use Twitter During Events and Conferences
Events and Twitter go together like peanut butter and jelly – a heavenly match! This blog post offers four simple tips for how to employ Twitter at your next event. These basic tips are worth revisiting for even the most skilled Twitter users among us!


PC Magazine: Instagram Reaches 150 Million Users, Rolling Out Ads Soon
Instagram has added 50 million new users in the past six months alone, and today more than 60 percent of its users are outside the U.S. With this incredible global growth, it’s no surprise that Instagram and parent company Facebook are toying with adding ads in an effort to turn a profit. Good to know that the user experience could change significantly in 2014.

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