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If you’ve read the GFM blog with any regularity, you know I routinely share my thoughts on the need for, and best uses of, a press release.  I believe there is still a place for the press release in our modern world of communications and that it can be a valuable tool to PR practitioners.  I read a blog post by Cheryl Conner on recently, and can now add to my plug for the press release with a recommendation to read her blog.

I’d sum it up for you here, but I think Cheryl does it best when she wrote:

“Even if you think you know it all about press releases and posting, there are sure to be a few surprises. Particularly in the days of journalism’s new model and post Penguin 2.0 rules for SEO, the arena you may have considered “old hat” may present at least a few new ideas for you.”

Here’s a link to her post, titled <href=””>Press Releases Still Matter, But Not For The Reasons You Think. Enjoy!

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