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Content seems to be on everyone’s minds recently, and we’ve got a couple of reads this week that point to the difference between “content” and “good content.” In Forbes’ article about Marketing Trends that Will Dominate 2014, content makes the list several times, and Social Media Today takes it a step further to talk about people frequently miss the mark with content. Of course, the great news came from YouTube, allowing us to watch videos “offline” on our mobile devices…simplifying the content consumption process. Enjoy!


Social Media Today: 13 Ways Content Marketers Miss the Mark
“Content Marketing” is the hot term these days, but for those of us who are used to working in a newsroom, that comes as no surprise. No matter how many metrics you track for reach, clicks or conversions if you don’t have great content, the people won’t come back. Its no surprise that things like originality, depth, clarity, personalization and customer focus made this list. Think of your audience first, then quality content (and engaged customers) will follow.

Marketing Trends

Forbes: The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends that Will Dominate 2014
Speaking of content marketing…three of the seven trends listed in this article include the word “content.” We particularly like the projection that social sharing will play a larger impact on search engine optimization. The more people share a piece of content, the higher the quality of the content – and the higher it will likely rank for relevant search terms. Lots of good fodder to get you thinking about your 2014 marketing plans.


The Verge: The Best Hidden Features in iOS 7
If you haven’t heard, Apple updated its operating system this week to version seven, leaving some journalists to call the software update a bigger move than the announcement of the iPhone 5S. There are a lot of great features that have been widely discussed. This article covers a quite a few that aren’t readily apparent, but are extremely useful.


The Verge: YouTube Adding Offline Viewing to Mobile Apps
You know how it works – you’re cranking away on work and emails in the airport terminal before catching that flight and before you know it, you’re boarding and no longer able to watch videos from YouTube because you’re in airplane mode. As of this week, that issue has been somewhat resolved. YouTube now allows users to download videos to your mobile device to watch at a later time – like on a plane, road trip or even the Chair 6 warming hut at Breckenridge (there’s never a signal up there).

Pitching Journalists on Social Media

Mashable: The Dos and Don’ts of Pitching Journalists on Social Media
People have differing opinions about pitching journalists on social networks. Just recently we hosted a journalist at GFM who said he never wants to receive a pitch via social media. That said, we’ve had some really great success doing so. So what’s the secret? Similar to traditional pitching: know the writer and his/her work, build trust and rapport, and don’t waste their time.

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