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As PR practitioners, we have many tools available to us that provide a means to share our clients’ stories, launch a product or promote a mission. I’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to work with clients on a satellite media tour (SMT) because it puts so many of the things we do all into play at once.

SMTs require identifying and training a strong spokesperson, crafting messaging that’s interesting and insightful (yet brief), creating a strong pitch to garner interest in the segment, and coordinating all the tiny details required to bring it to life.

We’ve been fortunate to work with an amazing partner to implement several SMTs over the years and Boom Broadcast recently published a Q&A blog post with Barbara Gutjahr that dives into the dos and don’t of SMTs. It’s a great read and provides good insight into this PR opportunity. If you are considering one, be sure to give this a read. Thanks Boom, for allowing us to share your wisdom!

You can find the blog post here.

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