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If it were up to us, all of our clients would create Facebook pages similar to the ones Mashable recently highlighted as the “9 Excellent Facebook Pages You Should ‘Like.’”

What do these Facebook pages have in common? Take a look below and think about how your brand’s Facebook presence can accomplish all of the same strategies for success:

  1. Images with Impact: All of these Facebook pages utilize powerful images (think simple, unique, and sharp) to convey their messages. It’s been proven that visual content is absorbed and remembered by the human brain much better than text – especially when we’re overwhelmed by thousands of marketing messages per day!
  2. Carefully Curated: We would bet that the managers of these pages think creatively and strategically before posting each update. The content is highly curated and each communication is shared for a specific reason with an intent to purposefully interrupt your day so that you pay attention. That is what good content is all about.
  3. Tight Copyrighting: People (especially on social media) gravitate toward pretty pictures and small blocks of text that get to the point. This takes copyrighting skill. The GFM Social Media Team has been known to sit in a room together for an hour to craft a Facebook post in order to get the text JUST right. And guess what? It pays off with likes, comments, and shares.
  4. Humor: If your brand can’t laugh at itself, you might as well give up on social media right now. Never take yourself too seriously on Facebook. The companies that embrace humor, take risks, and reveal their personalities are the ones that have strong social media communities.

Think about it. Attention spans are getting shorter. Competition is everywhere. How are you interrupting the cluttered Facebook news feed to steal eyeballs for your brand? These nine Facebook pages are great examples to inspire you to elevate your content to the next level.

Lauren Cook is a senior director of social media and digital strategy at GroundFloor Media and considers Honest Toddler one of the best Facebook pages of all time.

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