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It’s hard to keep up with new features across all of the social media channels – so that’s why we do it for you! This week, important updates occurred with both Vine and Instagram, changing the way you can use both platforms. Take note and share with your colleagues, as both improvements are game changers when it comes to creating valuable social content and connecting with other professionals online.

New Features

MacRumors: Vine Updated With Video Editing Options, Draft Saving
Vine (the video app that allows you to create six second videos) was updated today adding two new, critical features: the ability to save video drafts and more editing options to enhance your video. We’re hoping this update means more valuable Vines, less six-second grainy, shaky short videos.

The Verge: LinkedIn announces Intro
Business connections are everything and online, that means building up your LinkedIn profile. With the new LinkedIn Intro, you can now see the entire LinkedIn profile for anyone who contacts you right into the Mail app. It works with Gmail, Google Apps, AOL mail, Yahoo mail, and iCloud. Here’s to more connections!

Social Content

Forbes: Are Simple Images The Best Social Media Content?
Think you have to spend a fortune creating images for your social media content calendar? Think again. Simple images are best. Case in point: food porn. Post a delicious looking picture of a delectable dessert and you’re likely to get at least a few thumbs up. As this article so nicely states, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” when sharing content that resonates with your social media audience.

Ragan: Anthropologie’s Fabulous Approach to Content Marketing
If you walk into the GFM office on any given day, you will likely see one of our team members sporting something from Anthropologie. We’re huge fans of their product and also lovers of their content marketing philosophy. Using a combination of print, online, and in store strategies with a carefully curated blend of lifestyle and fashion content, Anthropologie understands its customer and how to get and (most importantly) hold their attention

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