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We know the answer to the question above is probably no, but that’s how you should be planning and executing your content across all platforms. If you are posting the same updates on your different platforms, then why would anyone pay for more than one? Brands need to have unique, purposeful content on each platform or there really isn’t any reason for being there.

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Inc.: Guy Kawasaki: 10 Tips for a Huge Social Media Following
This article from Guy Kawasaki includes some great tips that are useful for both personal and brand accounts alike and is definitely worth a read. We especially like Kawasaki’s suggestions on how to segment the different platforms.

Social Media Today: Why Your Brand Sounds Like a Parrot on Social Media
Like Guy, we also preach about the importance of stepping back and creating a “purpose” for your brand on each platform it chooses to be on. Not only is it important to differentiate your content amongst the services, but it’s also important to keep things fresh on each individual platform so they don’t become stale and “expected.”


Forbes: Despite Complaints, Instagram Ads Are Working, Says CEO Kevin Systrom
It hasn’t been long enough to make any long-term conclusions about the success or failure of social advertisements on Instagram but early returns are looking good. So far more than five percent of the ads have led to Likes, a number rather significantly higher than the average. If Instagram decides to start allowing links in the captions, users will see both brands and individuals take advantage. Why not give it a try and stand out before it becomes the norm?


The Verge: Bird’s eye view: will pictures make Twitter more popular?
It’s been a little more than a week since Twitter rolled out the new timeline on both it’s web and mobile properties, and the more visual feed has created plenty of new opportunities for brands that utilize the platform. The new interaction buttons –directly beneath the tweet instead in a drop-down menu – make engaging with tweets frictionless. The new image previews are also a great way to pique users’ interest. Make sure you are including photos whenever it may be appropriate.


Fast Company: An Article Has a Lifespan of 37 Days, and Other Findings from Pocket
Pocket Founder Nate Weiner calls the application (which is a must have if you don’t already) a “DVR for the Web,” and the data he receives from users provides him some unique insights into how content is consumed. The stats about the life of an article, especially long form content, shows the value in curating and crafting the best stories about your brand and working with your PR team to make sure the right people are telling them.


The Verge: Android 4.4 KitKat comes with smarter, more connected phone dialer
This story isn’t specifically about social media but there’s a paragraph within that caught our attention.

“Android’s new dialer is putting convenience and efficiency first: you can now search for business numbers without leaving the phone app. All it takes is going into the dialer and typing a few letters and corresponding local businesses will start appearing. And Google is applying the same formula in reverse. Your Android phone will now be much smarter when receiving calls, too.”

For now, this is only on Android phones, but if it wasn’t already clear it should be from this point forward… Google is putting a HUGE emphasis on Google+ Local Pages. If your company has a single location or multiple, it’s time to make sure your Pages are ready to go.

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