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Many of us spend our days brainstorming, formulating and deliberating how we can create the best content for our brands or organizations. But we spend much less time focusing on the audiences that will be consuming those great content ideas. It’s not so much the number of followers we have on each of our platforms, but whether or not they are the right followers. Read on to find out more.

Social Media

Social Media Examiner: Growing Your Audience: How to Increase Your Social Following
This story brings up some great points about building a proprietary audience across your social channels. In the past, messages could be designed for one audience and delivered via mass media. Now it’s important that we develop our messaging and consider exactly whom we want to share it with. If a brand has multiple audiences then it should also have messaging unique to each.

SmartBlog on Social Media: Lessons from Charmin’s Twitter win and Home Depot’s fail
Smart, calculated risks are a must to stand out from the crowd and earn the mindshare of your brand’s fans amongst the onslaught of marketing noise. This past week we saw a great example of how to do it right and another of how to do it… not so right.

Forbes: Here’s Where Teens Are Going Instead Of Facebook
The “teens are leaving Facebook” rhetoric isn’t new but comments from CFO David Ebersman earlier this month are one of the first times the company has publicly acknowledged it. A new study illustrates some of the places that teens may be headed to and it’s dominated by person-to-person messaging and sharing apps. While those kinds of apps may or may not be direct competitors to a platform like Facebook one thing is clear, mobile is king.


The Verge: Twitter Launches Custom Timelines, Letting You Choose and Arrange Specific Tweets
Twitter is taking direct aim at Storify with the launch of its new custom timelines. The feature allows users to curate a list of individual tweets for others to browse without chronology restrictions, letting you place the tweets you want in the order you choose. Custom timelines will be a great way to create some compelling content after your events or promotions that generate a good amount of social conversation. This follow-up from provides more detail on how Twitter’s update could help you create robust filters.

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