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Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means the deluge of social media roundups and articles with 2014 predictions is upon us. We, for one, love this time of year because everyone tends to make more for time for evaluating what has worked and which social media and communications strategies need adjustments in the year to come.

This week, articles about thoughtful storytelling and strategic content distribution planning rose to the top and serve as an important reminder to give due diligence to all the steps of a communications process from start to finish.

Industry Speak

InformationWeek: 5 Top Social Media Trends for 2014
Tis the season for year-in-review roundups and 2014 predictions. We are particularly excited about the anticipated increase in user generated content opportunities and agree with the notion, “it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore Google+.”

DigiDay: 15 Eye-Popping Stats about Social Shopping
True or false. Thirty percent of Twitter users started tweeting about holiday shopping before October. If you guessed true, you’re right. The power of social sharing and social referrals on consumer purchasing habits is astounding—and something that cannot be ignored if you have a product or service to sell! Start planning for how social media can positive impact your 2014 sales now by asking if you have the correct monitoring systems in place for discovering conversations.

Inc.: Warning Signs Your Storytelling Efforts are Headed for Trouble
This article offers four solid warning signs to watch out for in the all-important storytelling process for any brand. If you only pay attention to one, make it the first tip—focus is critical for nailing down what you want to say so that audiences can actually follow along.

SmartBlog on Social Media: Content Sharing to Help Posts Go Viral
We’re all guilty of spending a lot of time and thought in the content creation process – such as drafting a great blog post – only to hastily plug it on social networks, with no future plans to re-share. A “peppered” approach can help content live on for a much longer period of time. Read on for some actionable tips and ideas.

Platform Updates Easier Search for Multimedia on Twitter Apps
Find videos, pictures and news stories more quickly with the upgraded Twitter apps for Android and iOS. This can help communications professionals during events, breaking news or a crisis and brand managers in charge of quick, ongoing engagement strategies.

Case Studies

SmartBlogs: Xerox Stepping Out From The Copier
Think like a newsroom journalist when planning social media content, not a marketer. Unique visitors are great, but repeat traffic represents trust. These are just two strategies that Xerox follows in the preparation and dissemination of social content.

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