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As we kick off Thanksgiving week at GroundFloor Media I thought I’d have a little fun with the imagesTHANKSGIVING theme in todays blog post. Here’s a quick rundown of some of helpful media relations rules I like to live by. When pitching media, consider the following tips:

Tell your story succinctly and accurately.

Have details and contacts ready to go in case a reporter wants to know more.

Always know what the reporters you pitch write about and how.

Never pitch more than one person if you utter the word “exclusive.”

Keep a log of calls and emails so clients know what goes into establishing contacts.

Social media can be your friend, some media prefer being contacted that way.

Get your real news out early – don’t bury it in a pitch.

If you don’t get a response, don’t give up, but also don’t be a complete pest.

Voicemail can be helpful when pitching, but don’t leave long messages for reporters.

In the world of media relations, a thick skin may be required.

Never assume what you share is off the record.

Get Creative! Sometimes how you deliver a pitch is as important as what you deliver!


If you choose to use holiday downtime to pitch feature stories or long-lead opportunities this week, keep these tips in mind! Happy Thanksgiving!



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