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With photo sharing on the rise, Instagram and Twitter surely made fans happy this week with announcements about new photo sharing options on both platforms. As a professional communicator, however, you’re probably wondering what these improvements mean for your brand. At GFM we’re uber-fans of measurement – so we are happy to share the article from Harvard Business Journal below which provides smart tips and good reminders of how to put social media metrics to work for you.


Instagram Blog: Introducing Instagram Direct
Attention Instagram lovers – meet Instagram Direct! After capturing photos or video via Instagram, users now have the choice to share the image with their followers or to send it directly to specific people. Try it today if you have an iPhone or Android – the Windows Phone version is still in beta.


Wired: Twitter Makes Its Play for Private Messaging
Earlier this week Twitter introduced a major new feature for its Android and iPhone apps: the ability to send photos via direct message. Previously, photos sent via Twitter were public – but this new option could be a game changer when it comes to private messaging over social platforms versus traditional SMS.


Harvard Business Review: Get More Value Out of Social Media Brand-Chatter
While measuring the effect of traditional media relations campaigns can be challenging, the results of social media efforts are easier to pin down and can be highly effective in evaluating and improving communications plans when used correctly. This article provides some great reminders on how to get more value out of social media metrics.


Mashable: Pinterest is Gaining Ground on Facebook and Twitter for News
A study by Gigya shows that Pinterest (20%) is closing in on Facebook (40%) and Twitter (30%) when it comes to news-related content being shared via social media. This may be a result of Pinterest’s update to expand article pins back in September. Regardless, it’s worth considering how you invite visitors to share news from your site!

Case Study

Advertising Age: Creating Big Buzz Through New Modes of Storytelling
Whether or not you’re a fan of sci-fi programming, you’ve likely heard of Syfy Channel and its recent hits, “Sharknado” and “Defiance.” This article reveals five lessons learned from Syfy and its masterful approach to engaging its consumers by including them in the storytelling process.

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