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The age-old “tension” between PR pros and reporters is, alas, alive and well, as evidenced by a Nov. 23 column by The News York Times’ “Haggler,” “Swatting at a Swarm of Public Relations Spam.”

While there are those out there in the PR world that are clearly guilty of PR spam, as a team that really strives to do our due diligence and deliver well-targeted pitches to appropriate reporters, we were troubled by this article, particularly The Haggler’s call for reporters to remove themselves from media databases such as Cision and Vocus. Our friends and colleagues at one of our PRGN partner agencies, Buchanan Public Relations, were dismayed as well – and echoed our sentiments beautifully in their thoughtful, carefully considered blog post response, “Shoo, Fly! Don’t Bother Me – Hey, Wait a Second!

We’d like to hear your thoughts – PR pros and reporters alike. What can both sides do to help us work together as smarter/better partners?

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