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Since we are nearing the end of 2013 it is only fitting that this week’s reads focus on new developments and features coming soon to the top social media platforms. It seems that all of the major players are trying to discover how to best offer advertisers the most relevant and impactful targeting options, and 2014 looks to be a big year for innovation in that space.


TechCrunch: Leaked Facebook Video Ad Pitch Deck Reveals Plans To Steal TV And YouTube Dollars
Facebook is stepping into video in a big way in 2014. Shortly after the launch of a feature that allows videos to auto-play in users newsfeeds, a leaked document details how the platform plans to allow advertisers to target its users with video content. The document acknowledges that Facebook Insights is well behind YouTube analytics with video, but touts new and improved video insights coming soon. If you’re creating video content, Facebook may be the next great place to get it seen.

The Verge: Facebook finally launches ‘dislike,’ but only for Messenger
While individuals would enjoy this feature much more than brands and other organizations, it’s highly unlikely that a dislike button will be coming to Facebook anytime soon. However, it’s still interesting to see that they are starting to play with the idea.


TechCrunch: Twitter Tests New “Nearby” Feature To Surface Local Tweets From Those Around You
Twitter, too, is looking for more ways for advertisers to reach their audiences, and their solution seems to be the development of location-based tweets. These geographically local tweets would display to users whether they are following the updating account or not. As a marketer, the ability to reach current and new followers with an offer when they are in the vicinity of a brick-and-mortar location would be invaluable, so let’s hope this comes to pass.


Wired: Foursquare Evokes Minority Report With Talk of Automatic Ads
Not to be outdone by Twitter, Foursquare, the original location-based service that is still growing strong with a new round of funding, has its own plans for geo-targeted advertising. With the incredible amount of data that the mobile platform has amassed, could they be prepared to do this new form of marketing better than any other?


Mobile Commerce Daily: Target tests Pinterest-driven site to pin down mcommerce sales
Have you seen Target’s Pinterest-based microsite yet? If not, hurry over and check it out. The site displays products by number and frequency of pins to create a truly social-driven experience. Are you listening to your customers through social media as you create your marketing and merchandising initiatives?

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