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Facebook has always done a good job testing and iterating on updates to and new versions of its platforms, but lately it seems like the company has really kicked it into another gear. Changes to Edgerank, social advertising and the many touch points Facebook has at its fingertips have already been implemented, and there will be many more to come in 2014.


The Verge: Facebook plans suite of standalone mobile apps for 2014
Facebook is making a huge push to have multiple apps on your smart phone in 2014. After the success of the Messenger app, Facebook is going to be releasing a number of standalone apps this year, potentially including a news app (Facebook Trending just launched on the web and would likely be incorporated), a calendar app and a search app. The social platform has realized that mobile users want focused options that help perform specific tasks instead of full-featured but multi-level mobile applications. Take this into account when planning your mobile strategy in the future.

AdAge: Facebook’s News Feed Changes Will Require New Marketing Strategies
Facebook isn’t being coy about the issue: organic reach WILL start declining for brands that aren’t willing to pay to advertise. So are there other ways to reach your fans? There are, but it will require much more detailed strategies that deliver segmented content to the right audiences.


AdvertisingAge: Warby Parker Unveils 2013 Annual Report — and It’s 365 Days Long
Eyewear retailer Warby Parker took something that most companies would never consider a form of social content, the annual report, and turned it into an interesting, conversation-starting story of the brand. Think outside the box when developing your content and you’ll often be rewarded.

Social Media

Forbes: Is There New Proof You Will Read This Article?
How much strategy, time and thought do you put into the structure and format of your social media content and captions? This story, with some real world evidence, will make you think just a bit more about what you’re sharing with your fans.


Twitter Advertising Blog: New Ways to Create and Use Tailored Audiences
In addition to increasing the options to target users by location, Twitter is now allowing brands to target specific individuals via their customer relationship management database. In other words, your email or customer lists. Want to speak directly to your loyalty program members with a campaign on Twitter? Now you can.

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