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The end of January is in sight but forward-looking predictions and strategies for 2014 still dominate our news feeds. Our biggest takeaway for the week is that social media cannot be rushed. The creation of killer content, thoughtfully analyzing and adjusting content publishing strategies, and testing measurement approaches cannot be done overnight. Pressure to demonstrate ROI is greater than ever before but it’s crucial for marketing teams to set expectations. Success on social platforms is earned over time.


Social Media Today: Content Marketing vs. Copywriting: Top Strategies for 2014
We are bombarded with messages 24 hours a day. If your content is not targeted, logical, compelling and easy to follow, chances are it will fall on deaf ears. Using a delicious cake metaphor, this article provides tactical recommendations for how to craft stronger and more relevant messages in 2014.


Inside Facebook: News Feed Algorithm Tweak
Attention page admins! Status updates with only text or a link unaccompanied by a visual will continue to be seen less and less by followers. Facebook says there is no “magic bullet” for the type of post format admins should use but clearly, visual link sharing has become more critical. And if you have the time, we highly recommend reading the dialogue in the comments section. You are not alone in your frustrations with Facebook’s changes.

Digiday: Facebook Losing its Edge Among College-Aged Students
If you count young adults among your core audiences it is time, assuming you haven’t already, to shake up your social media focus and explore the potential for expanding onto rapidly-growing platforms like Tumblr, Snapchat and Vine. You certainly don’t need to be everywhere at once but be careful not to replicate 2013 resources and strategies without taking a step back to analyze what is and isn’t moving the needle.


PRDaily: 5 Brands Making the Most of PR Twitter Accounts
Starbucks, Johnson & Johnson and Delta Airlines are among the five national brands profiled in this quick case study. While none are necessarily pioneering a new approach to Twitter, they are smart and consistent in a few proven tactics: engaging with traditional media, providing quick customer service, promoting their own content and giving followers behind-the-scenes looks into events and operations.


Mashable: Pinterest is Experimenting with GIFs
Wouldn’t it be cool to show a pre-assembled green smoothie being whipped up in seconds in a Vitamix GIF versus a static recipe photo? That may soon be the next layer of the Pinterest frontier based on early-testing news reported by Mashable.

Metrics & Measurement

Social Media Today: Why Precision, Not Volume, Is the Real Social Media Story for 2014
Get on board with social media measurement integration into all functions of marketing or be left behind—that is the overarching argument of this piece. According to these predictions, savvy companies will break down measurement silos in 2014 and marketers will have the opportunity to play a more pivotal role in customer service and anticipating customer behaviors.

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