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The tools that journalists need to do their jobs have changed, but the resources that PR practitioners provide when pitching stories often haven’t caught up. If you’re hoping that a story you are pitching will be picked up, make it as easy as possible for anyone interested to use it. With journalists’ time becoming more stretched, they frequently don’t have time to hunt for the assets they need.

This story from PR Daily does a great job laying out the do’s and don’ts.

A growing number of organizations, however, believe their news site is not exclusively for the press, and therefore it doesn’t have to accommodate the specific requirements of editors and reporters, he says. He cites Coca-Cola’s plan to kill press releases in favor of posting content on its Coca-Cola Journey site.

Falkow says society is becoming more and more visual, and PR pros must adapt. She has spoken to many editors in the last six months, she says, and they are telling her that it is now policy that they won’t publish organizational news unless it has visuals. Stock photos won’t cut it, either. The images have to be original.


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