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When it comes to social media, we all want bigger, better, faster and more. And this week, many of our updates describe how Facebook, Twitter and media companies are giving us just that. But when will we hit the breaking point? When will our insatiable appetite for quick, short, visual news finally be satisfied? Whatever the answer, as you continue to craft your social strategies for the year ahead, make sure to keep in mind that if you’re not putting out something that’s bigger, better, faster or more valuable for your audience, it might be worth rethinking altogether.


The Verge: With Paper, Facebook just blew its own iPhone app out of the water
Facebook just announced a new standalone iPhone app called Paper that takes the standard News Feed and recreates it as a horizontally scrolling set of screens. So what? Well, the reviews coming in say that Paper is incredibly easy to use, beautifully designed, and even better, ad free (for now)! It will be available for the iPhone starting February 3rd and odds are, once we use it, we may never go back to the “old” Facebook app again.

Fast Company: 10 Big, Recent Changes to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn You Should Know About
We’ve written about a few of these changes already in past Weekly Reads, but this handy dandy list is worth reading again and posting on your office wall. If you’re charged with managing your brand’s social media channels, this roundup of changes on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from the past few months will most likely effect your content and social advertising strategy in 2014.


GigaOm: Twitter wants to help media partners find the news faster — and also help itself in the process
News companies already looked to Twitter as a breaking-news source to feed their stories, but now a Twitter analytics company called Dataminr is building a custom version of its search tools for brands like CNN, that will help media partners find breaking news even faster. Described as a “souped-up version of Tweetdeck,” the tool is designed to give earlier warning about where news is likely to come from – giving a whole new power to citizen journalists around the globe.

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AdWeek: Study: Print Coupons Are Still More Popular Than Digital Deals Among Moms
When it comes to getting good deals, the highly-sought-after mom consumer still searches paper media for deals more than they do Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., said a study who surveyed 2,200 moms. So if you’re thinking of releasing a great deal online, don’t dismiss the power (and emotional satisfaction) of good ol’ paper coupon clipping.

Social News Daily: Super Bowl XLVIII Social Insights: Moms Will Tune In For Bruno [Infographic]
The Super Bowl is just days away (GO BRONCOS!), and this infographic is already telling us what teams people are rooting for and what they think of the halftime show. Apparently, everyone is hoping The Red Hot Chill Peppers sing, “Under the Bridge,” and beer drinkers are more likely rooting for the Seahawks than the Broncos (we disagree).

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