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No big event or news story goes by any longer without a flurry of brands trying to get their marketing message into the conversation as quickly as they can. We’ve all heard about large brands and agencies creating real-time response teams to create content the second something happens that can be capitalized upon. However, being first doesn’t always make the biggest impact. When you see an opportunity to insert your brand into the public awareness, make sure you take the time to decide whether down-and-dirty speed or longer-turn, high-quality content will help you achieve your goals.

Social Media

Adweek: Injured U.S. Skier Stars in New Ad, Thanks to a Tweet from Alex Bogusky
The importance of finding places in the zeitgeist for your brand to participate in the social media conversation has never been clearer, but how to participate isn’t always so easy. After a little push from Alex Bogusky, Liberty Mutual went to work creating a commercial with injured American skier Heidi Kloser about overcoming setbacks (one of the insurance company’s Olympic ad themes). It could have just sent out a simple tweet or Facebook post, but the brand went the extra mile and created a great video that got significantly more impressions.

Vocus: Sochi Marketing Drama Unfolds
We all knew that social media would be filled with brands trying to join the Winter Olympics conversation this year more than any other. This story gives a rundown of the good, the bad and the ugly from the Sochi Olympics.


Copyblogger: What to Do if Your Great Content Isn’t Getting Found
We mentioned above the importance of creating thoughtful, high-quality content, but unfortunately that is not the end of the story. Once that content is created you must have a plan for getting it in the hands of the correct audience(s). This story has some great tips to help distribute your newest story, video or photo.


Forbes: Instagram Is Shaping Up to Be the World’s Most Powerful Selling Tool
The feature isn’t available to everyone quite yet, but Instagram-sponsored posts have had great results for the brands that were allowed early testing of the advertising platform. Visual luxury brands like Michael Kors and Coach are extremely happy with the correlation between visual commerce and sales conversions, and Instagram has to be very pleased with how things have gone so far. Don’t wait for the service to go public before making a plan. Start it now and be ready to execute and beat the rush.


Reuters: To Stoke Interest, LinkedIn Opens ‘Influencer’ Blogs to All Members
Business-to-business brands have long struggled to find a way to harness social media in a way that fits their unique needs. LinkedIn continues to evolve and is becoming a viable option for reaching a very distinct audience. With the announcement that the platform is opening up its influencer program to all users, it’s time for the knowledge and expertise that resides in so many of your team members’ heads to be shared with the world.


TIME: Savvy Brands Are Using Apps Instead of Ads to Get Messages Across
This story from TIME has some great examples of brands building apps with a purpose, not just filling these programs with marketing speak or advergames, but actually creating something that a user would want and need to use; while of course being subtly branded. The same message can be applied to your brand’s social media platforms. Serve a purpose, solve a problem, and give your fans a reason to follow and engage with you.

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