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GroundFloor Media Facebook PageWith organic Facebook reach on the decline brands are scrambling to find the right mix of timing, content and audience to help their social media messages reach the largest number of fans. With a new change to their News Feed algorithm announced this week that desired reach may be a little bit easier to achieve.

Starting now, Facebook Pages that tag another page in a post will potentially see their content show up in the News Feeds of the tagged Page’s fans as well as their own. Take for example this recent post on the GroundFloor Media Page. Prior to this change the post below would only be seen in the News Feed of a percentage of GroundFloor’s fans, those that have Liked the Page (unless they came directly to the Page or it was shared by someone else).


Now, not only will a number of GroundFloor’s fans see the post, but a percentage of people who like 34 Degrees’ will see it as well. That wasn’t true before.

So what does this all mean for you and your brand? Partnerships and cross promotion mean more now than ever on Facebook. We’ve always stressed the importance of talking about others more than you talk yourself and this update is another reason why.

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