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Last week we talked about the value of putting real thought and time into creating high-quality social media content. This week we rounded up some stories about the importance of utilizing the correct medium to deliver that content to your consumers. Social media services are unique for a reason: Don’t make the mistake of trying fit square content into a round platform.


GroundFloor Media: Facebook News Feed Update a Big Boost for Brand Reach
We wrote a more detailed post about the Facebook update earlier this week, but it deserves a mention here because this is big news for brands. Basically, Facebook will now show your content to a percentage of another Pages’ fans if you tag them in a post, effectively increasing the organic reach of your updates.


Mashable: Study Finds 77% of College Students Use Snapchat Daily
We’ve all heard about the user growth on Snapchat, but a new study shows how staggering those statistics may be. According to this story from Mashable upwards of 77 percent of college students are using the platform, and this means there’s a big opportunity for both Snapchat and the brands that use it. Even if your brand isn’t yet ready to engage with the platform, it’s still time for everyone that works on your social media team to become familiar with “Snapchatting.”


Nieman Journalism Lab: The world’s shortest cooking show is evidence that you can do interesting work in 15 seconds on Instagram
Speaking of new platforms like Snapchat, this article on Instagram Video from the Nieman Journalism Lab perfectly encapsulates why new platforms shouldn’t be ignored by brands.

Whenever a new form of online media comes along, it’s pilloried in some corners as insufficient for real content. Think blogs in 2002 (“It’s just guys eating Cheetos in their mothers’ basements!”) or Twitter circa 2009 (“You can’t say anything in 140 characters! #longform”). And we’ve seen the same sort of reaction with the rise of new short-form video networks like Vine and Instagram: “You can’t show anything real and valuable in 15 seconds!”

The moral of the story? Don’t pick a platform and then try to design content for it. Design and develop content and then deliver it to your audience on the right platform.


Digiday: How a pizza brand found its voice on Twitter
Although Twitter has been around for ages in “social media years,” it’s still one of the hardest platform for brands to effectively utilize in a way that takes advantage of its unique nature. This story talks about how one brand found a distinctive way to give its target audience a reason to follow.

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