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Ellen DeGeneres’ notorious Oscar selfie worked its way into nearly every form of social media banter this week. From national stories about Samsung’s ad strategy to local Denver news stations replicating the star-studded shot, you can bet the selfie as a social media strategy will hit a new peak. While we aren’t going to share a GFM selfie in this week’s Weekly Reads we did let #Oscars2014 guide our favorite picks.


Media Bistro: Tweets, Vines Coming to a Cinema Near You Soon
“Twitter has become an amazing barometer of movie trends…” We don’t disagree with this statement one bit, which is why we’re surprised that it has taken this long for the platform to claim a valuable piece of real estate in the offline world—the movie theatre.


AdWeek: Top 20 Brand Tweets
Every awards show has winners and losers. Arby’s came up big thanks to its conversation with Pharrell Williams about his hat and a spectacularly timed reveal of its $44,000 charitable donation for the hat. The news traveled beyond Twitter quickly and we heard about it on several radio stations the next morning in Denver. Also topping this list—Victoria’s Secret, DiGiorno Pizza and Netflix.

PR Daily: Samsung Sponsored the Oscars, but the Real Winner was…Apple
A reminder to every brand strategist: product or brand integration, on any scale, is only as strong as the integration at every single touch point of execution. Don’t forget to think about the hidden places where integration might be misaligned.

DigiDay: 5 Best Real-Time Marketing Moments of the Oscars
This list is fairly predictable but we were intrigued by Chobani’s approach to live-tweeting during the program. Given the GMO-related backlash on the brand, they took a bold stance with tweets like, “Fake is only good in Hollywood. #howmatters.”

And finally, let #Oscars2014 be the inspiration for turning the cameras onto your own brand (and the stars within) as described in PRDaily’s ‘content for gold’ article. We are in love with Warby Parker’s quick video responses to customer questions. Sometimes a small risk on one piece of honest and brand-centric content can make you the big winner.

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