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The transition from “hipster tech” to “hipster band member” seemed to come a day early this year. Lots of lines for music wristbands, an increased amount of black denim and skinny jeans, and the bars opening earlier (with live music) than they were on the weekend. Here are our favorites from Monday at SXSWi:

imageNomNom: There isn’t a shortage of really great food trucks in Austin, so when we saw that Goro & Gun was serving up lobster risotto, we had to see if a food truck can possibly make good risotto. We learned quickly that they can, and they can do it really well.

Libations: We caught up with our friends/clients at Door to Door Organics over happy hour at Peche, which consistently has some of the best cocktails in Austin. We recommend the Sazerac or Vieux Carre – you can’t go wrong with either.

photo 2Celebrity-ish Sighting: You never know who you might see at the historic Driskill Hotel. Case in point, five minutes after running into author Brian Solis walking up the stairs, Robert Duvall stepped out onto the balcony with Jim.

Grab Bag: If you haven’t heard more than what’s on the radio from musician Aloe Blacc, you should give him a listen. He wow’d the crowd at a GSD&M private party on Monday night.

Free Stuff Rules: We talk quite a bit about the Samsung Blogger Lounge, but for good reason: Free coffee each and every day is a more than welcome perk…especially after four days of South By.

Overheard: “Given the choice between the Spotify House line and anything, choose anything” –An attendee upon seeing the lengthy line at the Spotify House

Through the Lens:


Number of Steps Taken: 17,000 (pretty sure that’s a record)

Hours of Sleep: Jim: 5.5. Jon: 5.5.

Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: Jim: 5 (and some kind of energy shot). Jon: 7.

~ Jim and Jon

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