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Content has been the “it” marketing topic of 2014 and with any hot topic comes a variety of opinions, uses, strategies and recommendations. This week’s Weekly Reads highlights where consumers are engaging with content, tips on creating quality content and how millennials are consuming said content.

As the first quarter of 2014 comes to a close this is a great time to evaluate how your content strategy is performing thus far, make adjustments and move forward. And for those whose content strategy is still waiting in the wings, this is a great time to bring it center stage and place it into action.

Social Media

Business Insider: Here’s How Social Media Time-Spend Is Shaping Up, Now That Usage Is A Lot More Fragmented

New social mediums are popping up more frequently than videos of Bieber getting in trouble. With the ever-fragmented market place it’s even more important to understand not only where people are spending their time online but where and how your audience is engaging.

Smart Blog On Social Media: Understanding Why Content Goes Viral

There’s that word again… “viral”, the ever popular and even more intangible magic word that can drive marketing managers mad. Last week at SXSWi, Josh Jones-Dilworth, co-founder of DailyDot and William Leake, CEO of Apogee Results offered a few tips and insights on how to hedge your bets in terms of creating content that is more than just “empty calories.”

Entrepreneur: Millennials Spend 18 Hours A Day Consuming Media – And It’s Mostly Content Created By Peers

With millennials spending almost 75% of their day consuming media, brands have a tremendous opportunity to engage, captivate and activate this media hungry mob by working with them to not just push content out but to create content with them.  This study also shows the importance of an integrated and diversified marketing and communications strategy, as this group isn’t just consuming one medium, or even one medium at a time.

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