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In the early days, reaching audiences via social media didn’t require an ad buy. And while in some cases compelling and engaging content does rise to the top, in other instances the gap between organic and paid reach is narrowing quickly. At GFM even though we still believe that content is king, we’re keeping our eye to the ad side, too (where – by the way – content is also key to engaging your audience!)


GigaOm: After its News Feed redesign, Facebook introduces streamlined Pages
If you have a business page on Facebook you can expect changes to the layout of the page. Most notably, pages will have a one column versus two column layout. Facebook says this will ensure that posts show up regularly and consistently across the feed – welcome news to many!

CNET: Facebook to marketers: Expect drop in News Feed distribution
For awhile we’ve been seeing that brands that don’t buy ads on Facebook can expect to see the organic reach of their posts decline. While we aren’t surprised that Facebook is moving to further monetize its platform, it’s disappointing to see the gap between organic and paid content continue to narrow.


Business2Community: Pinterest ‘Gifts’ Feed Makes Platform Shopping A Breeze
Looking for a gift? Pinterest has a solution: its new Gifts Feed. The Gifts Feed is populated by Pinterest Products Pins and provides real-time updates on pricing and stock levels. If you’re a Pinterest fan, this is definitely a win!

AdvertisingAge: Got $1 Million? Pinterest Would Like to Sell You an Ad
Although its ads are not yet to market, Pinterest is working to secure advertising commitments in the $1 million to $2 million range. While the price range is prohibitive for most brands, it’s possible the pricing will come down as the offering rolls out in real time.

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