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While the major social media players (for the sake of this discussion we’ll call them Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest) started out with very niche goals and differentiators, lately it seems like they’re playing a game of copycat as each round of updates yield more and more similarities.

What does this mean for companies using social media? Choosing the right platform(s) for your content and brand is harder than ever. The single most important piece of social media advice we can give is this: invest in finding out where your current and potential customers/users are spending their time and go from there.


Facebook for Business: Top 5 Questions about the Update to Pages
Facebook somewhat stealthily announced a new look for their brand pages a few weeks ago. However, the changes haven’t yet happened for most brands. Any update to Facebook tends to bring a lot of questions so the company authored a blog post highlighting some of the most frequent inquiries to help prepare users. If you want to see the new Pages in action, check out the layout on Facebook’s own Page.


Twitter Blog: Photos just got more social
Slowing user growth and engagement has Twitter’s leadership searching for ways to help new users quickly and easily understand how to use the platform. That means a number of big changes are likely heading our way this year. The first has already dropped when Twitter announced Wednesday on its blog that users can now “tag” up to 10 other users in a photo without effecting the 140 character limit and that a single tweet can now contain up to four photos.


LinkedIn Help Center: Company Pages Products & Services Page – No Longer Supported
A somewhat seldom-used feature on LinkedIn’s Company Pages is being discontinued to help highlight the newer Showcase feature and encourage brands to continue posting fresh content. While it may seem like LinkedIn is becoming more and more like Facebook, VP of Global Sales Penry Price says that isn’t the case.

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The Wall Street Journal: Advertisers Use Social Media to Promote Brands in Real Time
This story from the Wall Street Journal highlights two brands, Bank of America and General Electric, that are succeeding with real-time marketing. We encourage you to read the full story so you don’t miss the tips for to consider before jumping in.

PR Daily: 5 social media habits you should break
While we don’t necessarily agree that all five of these habits should be “broken,” the author does raise some good points and might make you rethink some long held social media beliefs.

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