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Many businesses work hard to identify which social media platforms their audiences are using, and then have to make a choice about which platforms to utilize based on their company’s available resources. Facebook is typically a universal choice thanks to its 1.2 billion users. But several of the articles we came across this week question that logic, and offer several intelligent alternatives.


New York Times’ Bits Blog: Is Facebook Too Big to Care?
Everyone seems to be talking about this lately: Big changes to Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm are making it more difficult for brands’ content to be seen by consumers without the brand paying to promote its posts. Lots of companies are up in arms, and Eat24 has gone public with its complaints, but Facebook doesn’t seem to care.


Forrester: Why Every Marketer Should Use Google Plus
If brands are starting to move away from Facebook, where should they go? According to the statistics in this article, Google+ might be a viable alternative.


Bloomberg: Small Businesses Look to Twitter
Some brands – particularly smaller businesses – are turning to Twitter to connect with customers on a more personal level and finding lots of success. This article outlines several examples of how the real-time (and real-voice) nature of Twitter has helped small businesses cut through the clutter and connect with their audiences in a very real way.

Content Strategies

Entrepreneur: The 5 Brilliant Strategies You Can Learn From Top Content Marketers
Of course, none of the platforms in question matter if you’re not producing compelling and relevant content. This article outlines five different approaches from content experts, all of which are spot on. We particularly like the, “Answer your prospects’ top 30 questions” approach.

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