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Gender and Social MediaSome have called social media the great equalizer; leveling the playing field amongst brands and giving power to the consumer. And while it may have made things more equal, consumer consumption of social media, particularly by gender, varies greatly.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as studies have often showed that men and women consume traditional media differently, but this infographic not only breaks out in great detail just how different each gender’s consumption really is but also their motivation for engaging with social media.

Some may ask, “why does this even matter?” and I would counter that a brand that truly understands their customers, their habits and their motivations will be able to deliver a better social experience that will ultimately lead to happier consumers.

This infographic contains a number of insightful, interesting and entertaining facts but I found the following two to be the biggest surprises:

  • 38% of women play games on their smartphones and they outnumber men by 10%
  • 13% of men use social media for dating in comparison to only 7% of women.

Check out the infographic for yourself here.

What facts surprised you?

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