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Each week we strive to share some of the latest and greatest information from the world of social media, but this week we thought it was worth going back to basics.

This week’s reads touch on the tenets of planning, integration, advertising and analysis. From case studies to five-step plans, these articles provide food for thought on how you and your team are structuring your social media strategy.

Social Media Planning

Duct Tape Marketing: 5 Essential Elements Of An Effective Social Media Plan
Creating a social media plan, or even knowing where to start said plan, can be a daunting task but the folks over at Duct Tape Marketing, have broken the process down into five easy steps that can help you get your head around social planning and where to start the process.

Social Media Integration

Smart Blog on Social Media: 5 Reasons To Stop Treating Social As Its Own Discipline
After five plus years of businesses playing in the social media game, isn’t it time “social” is integrated into the rest of the marketing and communication functions? Here are five good reasons why. Do you agree?

Social Media Advertising

Mashable: Facebook Overhauls And Limits Those Despised Right-Rail Ads
Long gone are the days of social media being a free medium (we’d argue that it never was but we’ll save that for another blog post). With organic reach diminishing by the day, brands are turning in droves to paid social advertising to reach their customers and Facebook is responding with a redesign of their right-rail ads.

Social Media Analysis

Smart Blog on Social Media: 4 Twitter Campaigns That Went Horribly Wrong
It’s been said that there’s no such thing as a new idea, just borrowed ones that are better. And in the case of ideas that turn out to be mistakes, we are all for learning from others. Check out these four case studies on social media mistakes and make notes on how to not repeat them.

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