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Facebook has been the hot topic for brand owners and managers over the last year as the platform drastically changed some of the fundamental features that we had all become accustomed to as the community has grown. But Facebook is just one of many options that are available for brands to reach their customers through social media. If Facebook no longer meets your needs, it may be time to reassess your social media strategy.


Going Social Now: Reflections on Facebook as revenue jumps 72%
Shiv Singh, formally of Razorfish and Pepsi and now with Visa, has some thoughts on Facebook in the wake of their recently released earnings report. He credits their successful shift to mobile and the credibility they have established with advertisers in a relatively short period of time. But the biggest takeaway from the story is his idea that Facebook should do away with Page Likes for Pages to help combat the proliferation of fake Likes – and instead focus on reach and engagement. It’s a radical idea but very interesting nonetheless.

SmartBlog on Social Media: How to respond to Facebook’s declining organic reach
This story has some good tips on how to overcome the declining organic reach numbers that brands are seeing on Facebook, but we think the “reevaluate your Facebook investment” suggestion is most pertinent. Even before it was nearly required to spend advertising dollars on the platform there was still a rather large time cost for brands to keep their Pages consistently updated and monitored. If that cost can be best spent on another platforms or advertising mediums, perhaps it is time to give it a try. There is no rule that says a brand must have an active presence on Facebook to succeed.

Time: This is the absolute best day to post on Facebook
Impressions, engagement and video plays are all strongest on Fridays. Images get the highest number of shares (well, yea). These are just a couple of the interesting new stats from a recent Adobe study.


Advertising Age: Tumblr study says it has more social TV activity than Twitter
While this story is specifically about the social TV conversations on Tumblr and Twitter, there are still some good takeaways for brands to consider. Many brand managers often complain about the short life span of Twitter content due to the real-time nature of the platform. Tumblr offers a much more sticky platform for content that may work well for your brand.

Social Media

Co.Create: How brands can win the sharing economy
This article is a great look at the changing nature of brands and how the new, millennial-driven sharing economy has influenced human behavior. Brands that are successful today put on emphasis on customer experience above all else.

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