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Social media is like a puzzle with pieces that change shape just when you think you have figured out where they go. One magic word can impact Facebook’s news feed algorithm, Pinterest is the latest social platform to reveal more about its advertising plans and blog networks rebrand to become online video platforms.

Our advice? Set a strategic social media plan to be as reactive to emerging trends as you are proactive with content creation. Resolve to be nimble. Try something new.


Techcrunch: Facebook Launches Anonymous Login So You Can Try Apps Without Giving Up Your Data
For those of us who are wary of giving Facebook any more access to our data than it already has, a new version of its login system for third-party apps lets people log in anonymously so they may demo apps before any personal data is provided. The new login also gives complete control over what data is shared with the app.

Business Insider: Here’s The Magic Word That Can Boost Your Post In Facebook’s News Feed
A short overview of how Mark Zuckerberg himself experienced a Facebook news feed algorithm error and requested a fix. We’ll give you a hint. A “congratulations” can make your content go further.


Mashable: Glam Rebrands, Embraces the Digital Video Revolution
A major player in the national blog network area is embracing video in more ways than one with the addition of 10 new online video series and a production studio. We will be eager to see the content and marketing communications opportunities that become available.

Social Media Examiner: How to Increase Your Social Media Click-Through Rates
Four tips and strong real-world examples make this read well worth your time. We especially appreciate that you can’t just focus on a strong call-to-action. It’s imperative that you think about where your social media fans will ultimately land and design a landing page, website or other digital experience to be strong enough to actually keep their attention.


AdWeek: Pinterest Hires Twitter Sales Leader to Forge Partner, Agency Ties
Promoted pins are coming. Pinterest is testing advertising strategies and we anticipate the floodgates will open sooner rather than later with this latest hire.

General Tech

Pando Daily: Amazon Launches a Fancy Marketplace for Wearables
If you attended GFM’s South by Southwest download event, you heard from multiple presenters that “wearables” were all the rage. But do you need to deck yourself out in tech for a wearable revolution? Not just yet.

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