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Everyone wants to know what’s next in social media – likely because the past eight years have been nothing but “what’s next.” So we’re experiencing a ton of chatter about how one social media platform is superior to another, how one might be “dying,” and how others can be better used. All of this information and banter is beneficial for companies and organizations to think about, but we wonder at what point do we stop questioning what’s next and when we just dive in and use platforms to their potential today?


Ad Age: Two NFL Teams Post Their 2014 Schedules on Snapchat
We’re increasingly excited about various brands’ involvement on Snapchat, and this week has brought even more validity to the disappearing-photo social network. The New Orleans Saints and New York Jets have been dabbling with Snapchat for a few months now and unveiling their 2014 schedule (as well as some behind-the-scenes photos and footage from draft night) shows a glimpse into the future of how brands will bring “behind the scenes” and “exclusive” to life on Snapchat.

AD Week: Snapchat Video Chat is Already on Brands’ Agendas
There have been some fairly significant updates to Snapchat this week, including text, photo and video chat. And it’s clear that early adopting brands are paying attention and testing the waters.


Ragan’s PR Daily: The Most Important LinkedIn Features for Corporate Communicators
It’s an elusive question: What’s the best way bring your brand to life on LinkedIn? This article (and video) outlines three key features of LinkedIn that shouldn’t be overlooked by communicators looking to develop their company’s LinkedIn strategy.


The Atlantic: A Eulogy For Twitter
The past few weeks have been buzzing with commentary asking “is Twitter over?” and “is Twitter dead?” This Atlantic article goes so far as to not only ask the question, but also proclaim its death. While some of us may disagree, this article makes some interesting points about the lifespan of a social network, and how it may change over time.


Search Engine Watch: Is Google+ Becoming a Blog Platform or Just a Billboard?
Most of us have heard the “you should probably be on Google+ because of its SEO value” discussion, which may be true, but what will the platform look like when it grows up? This article pits one outcome against another. Regardless, we think its safe to say that G+ is here for the long-haul.

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