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PinterestEvery morning I stay in bed for a few extra minutes and scan my Twitter feed. Yesterday a Ragan tweet grabbed my attention. “How Pinterest can boost your press release results.” Did I want to learn more? Yes, please.

Pinning images and infographics from a press release to drive traffic back to the announcement isn’t a new tactic, but it can easily be forgotten in the haste of getting an announcement out the door.

However, the tip in this article that provided the “ah ha” for me was “create a Pinterest newsroom.” offers a strong example of this by Cisco. I also believe Hubspot organizes its Pinterest platform in a manner that is valuable—making it simple for followers to quickly identify and click on tutorials, data and how-to information.

Brands with a Pinterest presence are also sitting on a potential SEO goldmine when they align a press release keyword strategy with boards and pins.

I hope you take away as much from this short Ragan piece on Pinterest and press releases as I did.

More proof that a 5:30 a.m. post-alarm Twitter feed scan is much more productive than hitting the snooze button!

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