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With the need for social media networks to increase revenues comes a desire to find new, more robust ways for marketers to grow their advertising spend. One of the ways that the platforms are hoping to entice brands is by providing more data on audiences, engagement and trends. But that insight into user behavior comes with a cost since it takes time and resources to understand it.


The Wall Street Journal: Pinterest Opens Up Data Firehose for Marketers
Pinterest is joining Facebook and Twitter by allowing marketers access to data from the service to better understand engagement with the content they share. A number of third-party providers, including Salesforce and Hootsuite, will be able to help brands understand what’s working and what isn’t on the popular platform.


The Verge: Facebook increases privacy on all new posts by default
Facebook has great measurement tools if you are hoping to learn more about your audience but researching public sentiment or another brand page on the platform has always been a bit tricky. Expect the data to get even more thinner now that Facebook has changed the default selection to only share posts with a users’ friends.


Ad Age: #BrandFailures Are Epidemic on Twitter, So Stop With the Q&As
There are a few situations in which a brand Q&A on Twitter can be a good idea. Take a look at some of the recent bad activations and decide if opening up your reputation to the public is really a wise move.

Entrepreneur: The Art and Science of Getting Content Shared on Social Media
The “share” is the holy grail of engagement for content marketers but getting them takes not only good quality content but a strong distribution plan and well-designed headlines and summaries. This article includes some good tips for getting your content shared with new audiences.


Business Insider: Yelp Is Adding A New Video Feature To Its Reviews
Yelp reviews have always been mostly text with the occasional photo. With a new upgrade coming in June for Elite users (and shortly thereafter for everyone else) reviewers will now be able to post a video showing their experience at the business. If you have retail locations get ready for Yelpers to be able to share the good, bad and ugly of your establishment with the rest of the world with the click of a button.

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