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While Twitter has been an extraordinary success for some brands (like the Los Angeles Kings) many others have had difficulty finding the right mix of voice, frequency and engagement to connect with audiences. It’s a unique medium that needs a strong strategy and plan to work, but the right content can make a brand stand out among its competitors.


MarketingProfs: Are You Wasting Your Time on Twitter? Four Ways to Make It Count
Twitter is often the second target (after Facebook) for brands and marketers when developing a social media strategy, and many businesses struggle with the platform more than any other. The posting frequency needed and the ephemeral nature of the timeline can frustrate those who haven’t put together a well-defined plan. This article has some great tips to remember when building your Twitter strategy.

Marketing Sherpa: How Employees Can Help you Deliver Value on Twitter
If you’re struggling with how your brand can fit on Twitter or how you can use social media to help share your company’s culture, you may want to consider an employee-driven account. This article shares the success that Deloitte has had with the concept.


@lakey: The Periodic Table of Content Marketing
This fantastic graphic can be referenced any time you need to jump-start content ideas.

This fantastic graphic can be referenced any time you need to jump-start content ideas.


Mobile Commerce Daily: Anthropologie hosts Pinterest contest to gain inspiration for summer
Looking for some new ways to spark engagement on your Pinterest page? This article talks about how Antropologie hopes to do just that with a summer Pinterest contest.

“Anthropologie isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle,” said Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, New York, the company that provides Anthropologie with visual marketing and analytics. ”By connecting the brand with summer and getting people to envision and articulate their summer plans, Anthropologie connects consumers with the brand and pulls at their heartstrings.”

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ClickZ: New Survey Points to Retargeting’s Successes and Growing Pains
Online retargeting (the practice of showing advertisements to users who have already visited your website) has grown consistently over the past few years, but brands have struggled with how to execute the practice via mobile as the platform continues to grow exponentially. This article discusses a new solution that seems to be emerging via social media platforms and their ad services.

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