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Be bold and roll with the punches. Avoid the temptation to push social media content creation to the backburner. If all the content you post is rushed and repurposed it’s nearly guaranteed that it will fall flat. Instead, be honest about the amount of time you can dedicate to social and digital programs and commit to really thinking about how to maximize each post, tweet or pin.


AdAge: Why Brands Shouldn’t Rule Out Facebook Just Yet
Organic impressions may not tell the whole story about the plummet in Facebook brand reach. This article shares compelling graphs that show while organic impressions may decline, viral impressions and engagement is on the rise. Put simply, “…Facebook’s adjusted algorithm is showing content to a smaller number of people, but a higher percentage of those people are more interested in that content.”

Marketoonist: Sponsored Posts
Here is some perspective: “When your brand message sits in someone’s news feed between a friend’s birth announcement and another friend’s wedding pictures, your brand message had better be worth it.” Creating, testing and revising Facebook messaging is a time investment that you can’t afford to skip.


SB Nation: The Man Behind the Best Twitter Account in Sports
You do not need to be an NBA fan to enjoy following the Atlanta Hawks Twitter account—quite arguably, the funniest and most relevant Twitter account in the game. We absolutely love this Q&A with the social media manager for the team and encourage everyone to heed his advice to accept that certain ideas will fail. However, if you never try something new on social media you will surely miss huge opportunities to engage with followers in a totally new way.


SmartBlog: Making Your Content More Likely to Succeed
Content should not be made with the sole goal of “going viral.” However, there are best practices to follow to help increase the chances that strong, relevant content is seen by a critical mass for your brand. Read on for tips on boosting participation with your content, igniting passion among key audiences and “trend jacking.”

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AdWeek: Jack Daniel’s Taps Digital Photo-Sharing to Target Weekend Warriors
Jack Daniels is taking advantage of content its younger fans are already creating as they celebrate summer—photos. Weekly challenges will encourage user generated content sharing across multiple platforms to be entered to win prizes. The program will also have a text message function to help the brand build a mobile database for future promotions.

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