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creativeinspiration Inspiration is what feeds a creative brain and social media provides a surprisingly rich outlet to help nourish a hungry imagination. “Social media” usually calls to mind a tweet from a celebrity, or the most recent BuzzFeed quiz, but there are a growing number of social networking sites that specialize in creative content. There are the obvious ones, like Pinterest, but a couple of younger sites are carving out spots for themselves as go-to places for creative thinkers seeking a little inspiration.

Designspirationcreativeinspiration2 is an online database where users can share art and design work that represents the most current trends and practices. The search options allow users to focus on specific styles and colors.


Though Behance is meant more for artists to show off their portfolios, the comprehensive search parameters allow users to find inspiring work in almost any creative medium.


creativeinspiration4Twibfy is a newer addition to the creative social media space, but it’s already cultivating a following thanks to its deep search options and broad scope of supported mediums. Unlike Behance, the content on Twibfy is all curated.

Whenever roadblocks arise in the creative process, a quick trip to any of these sites will definitely kick your imagination back into gear and help inspire.


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