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There has been a lot of social media fodder in the days leading up to the FIFA World Cup, and we’ll certainly only see more in the coming weeks. The world’s largest sporting event is sure to bring some creativity from brands and individuals alike – we’re particularly intrigued by what FIFA itself has in store (Ad Age article below). And the debate continues: is Facebook becoming obsolete for organic reach? Read on to find out what the experts are saying.

FIFA World Cup

Ad Age: FIFA World Cup Unveils Second-Screen Digital Push
The only thing more exciting to the GFM Digital Den than the World Cup starting this week is seeing how social media – particularly real-time social content – will play into the tournament. According to this article, FIFA seems to have a great handle on monitoring, encouraging and measuring content.

Case Studies

SmartBlogs on Social Media: Five Ways Top Brands Use Social Media
It’s always smart to look at the leading social brands and what they’re doing to use their networks effectively. This is a quick-hit article outlining various strategies and tactics for getting the most out of your platforms.


The New York Times: Facebook to Let Users Alter Their Ad Profiles
Advertising is an inevitable fact of life so we may as well use it to our advantage, right? Facebook is now allowing users to adjust their customer profiles to help shape what ads they say. Ads that are actually relevant and useful? We can get behind that.

Forbes: Facebook Puts Everyone on Notice About the Death of Organic Reach
Contrary to the Ad Age article above, Forbes argues that the “efficiency” of delivering content on Facebook greatly benefits the individual, but not the brand. The prediction is that organic reach will reach 0% by the end of the year…and if that’s the case, we whole-heartedly agree that brands will see less and less value on the social network.

Denver Startup Week

GFM Panels: GFM at Denver Startup Week 2014
Denver Startup Week is on the horizon (Sept. 15-20) and the panel picker is open for anyone and everyone to vote for the panels they’d like to see. GFM has chosen three topics this year – just visit the link above to learn about and vote for our submissions!

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