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When I make time for myself, there is a good chance you’ll find me at the pottery studio I share with a small handful of artists in Milwaukee. We are housed in a great building in Milwaukee’s Third Ward that’s filled with a variety of galleries and other studios.  It’s a hobby I adore and the longer I do it, the more I realize how different aspects of my world “inspire” the work I create using clay.

My day job allows me to dabble in the world of creativity too. Creatively telling our client’s stories to audiences is a highlight of what I do each and every day. I think that’s why I get so excited when I see beautiful – or simply interesting –  example of how artists combine their creativity with corporate branding for a product or company.  I have a few examples I just have to share.

I was leaving my pottery studio this week and I saw a fantastic painting by Reggie Baylor featuring Koss headphones. After asking friends more about it, I was directed to a video created by Hanson Dodge in Milwaukee that tells a story about an entire exhibit they sponsored with artists featuring both local and national brands. I enjoyed it so much I have to share it.

Check out more on the program here.

In this video you’ll see a raincoat made from a hotel’s umbrellas and shoes made from PBR cans. Simply amazing!

I’ve also been lucky to be a part of the GroundFloor Media team working with Arta Tequila on the introduction of their company to Colorado and the launch of their new Extra Añejo tequila. Arta is Colorado-owned, Mexican-made artisanal tequila. They incorporate art into everything they do. In fact, they are getting ready to launch an Arta & Artist Series of work that partners different Denver-area artists with the company to create pieces inspired by the company’s brand. Here’s another video of their first Series with Denver tattoo artist, Sandy Calistro.

The program will roll out July 1, and at the end, three lucky people will get to “ink” their approval of the creative partnership. Stay tuned for more information on this program!

As I stated earlier, there are many things that inspire art, but as a marketer, it’s fun to see how art can inspire our work. Do you have any favorite examples of creative uses of creativity?

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