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Recently I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Denver Digital Summit with a few of my GFM colleagues. It was neat to participate in a digital gathering in our own backyard. There is a lot of talent in this town and I believe the friendly, help-your-neighbor culture of Denver/Boulder startups in particular will help our community push the envelop on digital strategy, content and measurement now and in the years to come.

When I sign up for conferences like the Denver Digital Summit I tend to look forward to a huge, “a ha” moment. However, this time around the sessions provided validation for how GFM approaches social and digital strategy and with some great tactical ideas I hope to customize and make relevant for several of our clients.

My Top Takeaways from the Denver Digital Summit:

  1. Think beyond the best time of day to post content and deliver content for the state-of-mind fans are in instead. Mornings tend to be a better time for facts and taking in information, while late afternoons and evenings are stronger for entertainment and transactions.
  2. Ask more questions to find out what really keeps the C-suite up at night and make sure metrics and monthly/quarterly social media and digital reports meet and exceed those needs.
  3. Bring positive customer testimonials – the holy grail of marketing – to life in new ways. Turn sound bites into a colorful graphic for Instagram or a quick video for Vine.
  4. Embrace the evolution from age of the customer to age of the individual. No one wants to be a part of a data set, and if you reach out to a user of your product or service, be staffed to continue a two-way dialogue that could be as short as a few minutes or extend into a few hours or days.

Did you attend the Denver Digital Summit or follow along on social media during the conference? We would love to hear about your top takeaways by leaving a comment below!

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